Thanks for the love.

These are the kinds of notes that remind us why we do what we do.





Age: 32
Career: teacher
Location: Seattle
My one tip: “Surround yourself with people that support your healthy journey.”

“Hey there! I just wanted to take a moment to tell your passion for health, fitness, nutrition really inspired me. So much so that I started to change my own life. When I graduated with my MA I weighed 154 pounds. I am now at 123. I eat right, run daily, and lift weights 3 times a week. Thanks for being such an inspiration in all you do. Best!” -Miranda

(March 2014)




Age: 37
Career: Creative Director (IN4M / ALOHA ARMY)
Location: Honolulu, HI
My one tip: “Stand for something or Fall for anything”

“My daily grind can be a lot longer than the norm.  With that said its easy to gravitate towards an unhealthy food choices.  Steph and G have given me motivation and have helped me to obtain knowledge and a solid foundation for a healthier lifestyle that I would not normally be exposed to. I’m excited and looking forward to learn more to add to my healthier cooking vocabulary with Wake the Wolves. Much thanks and respects.” -Keith

(December 2015)

Keith Kanagusuku




The work we do here at Wake the Wolves, was born out of pure passion to make a positive dent in the lives of many. We’ve quit jobs, worked doubles, went back to school, stayed up late, shed tears, and at some point in our own journey – almost gave up. Short notes like this arrive in our inboxes at just the right time. Readers (like you) discover our community, see your words and photos, and sometimes pause to ask themselves: “can I do that too?” The answer is yes.

If You have a story to share with THE WORLD – so please do share it and send us a note. You have NO IDEA how powerful your words are to the WTW community.

One word: IMPACT.