We LOVE books and magazines – particularly the colorful ones with BIG yummy food photos, and quirky illustrations that make us laugh and oddly help us to remember what exactly we’re reading.

(And no, you don’t have to be in kindergarten
to enjoy a good book with pictures)



Since we do what we love here at Wake the Wolves, we’re launching a seasonal (e)book series on fun, different ways on to HOW-TO get “your healthy” back. We’re jam-packing these little publications with quick tricks, tasty ideas, and knowledge that will leave you armed and ready to make this a lifestyle thing FO-EVER!


Many of our books will have surprise, featured co-authors – bringing you an expertise that will expose you to new ways of thinking. (And secretly, we want to know this information too). So, we’re pairing up with pretty amazing people in this world that are going to SCHOOL US ALL on topics like: eating healthy, ethnically legit cooking techniques, true-certified doctor advice on food + body + skin, natural remedies for everyday ailments, handling your finances and budgets like a BOSS, and so much more.

Oh and if you’re interested in collaborating, we’ll be tweetin, posting, and sharing upcoming opportunities to Work With Us – so be sure to follow us and sign up for our newsletter here.



If you’re like us, than TIME is not always on your side. To help you out, we’ve created the perfect formula for the “fly, beautiful, and hungry” person looking to make healthy changes last a lifetime. ONE: it’s an easy read. This doesn’t mean “dumbed-down,” but rather simple, straight-forward, and shall we say, plain english, making tough concepts easy to grasp. TWO: it’s visual. Pictures speak a thousand words and if five step-by-step photos make things easier to understand than 2 paragraphs of text, we’re all about the pics! THREE: it’s unexpectedly memorable. From real true stories, to quirky statements that make you smirk, these books are meant to leave a lasting impression (on the ladies and the dudes).



We love printed books, BUT we love (e)books too! We’re able to create pretty cool, interactive elements in our books, which adds a whole new dimension to your learning experience. Think video, tap-able images, and even audio clips straight from the author themselves. Plus, we’re able to put fresh, new publications in your fingertips much faster. Whether you are on a Mac, PC, an Android tablet, or an iPad, we’re changing the way you “read” about this new lifestyle.



Say what? FREE? Yes. The first book to our series is FREE (for a limited time) on us! Although every book in the series will be different, we’d like to share our first edition, “Kale. All Day. Err Day.” because it will open your eyes on how we got started with your healthy journey! You will laugh and definitely walk away learning at least 1 new thing. Plus, we ❤ FREE SAMPLES and think they create warm, fuzzy feelings inside — like when you get free samples at the farmers market (or even your local grocery store)!

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