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Since we launched this project 3 months ago, we’ve been on digital alert ALL the time. Phone goes off, emails make sounds, and we are “ON” social media more than ever. There’s challenges to stay present, but we lean into these new opportunities with open ears (and hearts), because there IS beauty in life as it is now, if you are willing to see it. And we are so blessed to connect with new folks around the world, thanks to technology.

THERE’S POWER IN HUMANITY…and staying connected

Last weekend, we were INSPIRED by a random Instagram convo we had with a follower friend. She was into one of the t-shirts, but wasn’t sure about the price.

Here’s a snippet of what we shared in response to her questions…and a special FREE SHIPPING coupon we’d like to extend to all of you. Oh, and thank you, thank you @essycolours for taking the time to connect with us…and KEEP IT REAL. We ❤️ that!!!

“Hi @essycolours !!! We feel ya — totally understand. When we went into this project, we made some pretty tough decisions. One of them being that we did not want to support child labor or horrible working conditions. It was either support and ensure that our sewers and team were legitimately compensated, or ditch the idea. We toured a bunch of factories along the coast and fell in love with one that does a superb job! We know them quite well and know that they aren’t getting duped ya know?We try to visit them on special holidays too, to extend our thanks and hang out for a bit.

Gotta tell you this story…

This last New Years, we wanted to make little goodie bags for the team. We also made a few healthy snack jars for the office. The owner was soooo happy and appreciative and started walking around the factory to pass out the snacks. We were humbled because EVERY person who reached in that jar, took just a few pieces to make sure everyone else had a chance to get some too. I swear, most folks I’ve seen in offices I’ve worked in, would’ve taken handfuls before passing it along.

wakethewolves_freeshipping_instagram2-april2015Any who. That story has nothing to do with how we decided to cost the goods, but more so to share with you how much we really stand behind WHO takes part in a project that is dedicated to doing good.

We are definitely considering how we can look into bringing shipping costs down in the future. Much ❤️ and respect for even considering the tee;) That alone means a TON!!!!”


(you can read THE FULL CONVO on INSTAGRAM)


The beauty of building a project (and starting something from nothing), is that you get to make decisions…on the fly…whenever you want. A quick huddle with Graham about this early morning chat on Instagram, had us inspired to absorb the SHIPPING COSTS this week…as a nod to all of you making things happen in your lives. Nope, not for Easter. Just because…we can.

We owe it to YOU and our fabulous team and sewers to tell a clearer story behind the designs and our apparel line. So much to come as we continue to roll out our goods this Summer (digi books and more wearable goods included). Thanks for hanging in there with us!


  1. Head over to the SHOP (shop.wakethewolves.com)
  2. Pick out your faves and add them to the cart.
  3. Use “inspired” as the discount code.

Offer expires: 4/11/15, for domestic/standard shipping


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