5 Reasons why September is a Great Month to Start Over

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As most of you know we are in the last few days of our warm summer days and we hope you are squeezing every second out of the golden sun and short-sleeve weather.

Before you jump ahead to autumn (hibernation mode), we want you to know that September marks a GREAT and PURPOSEFUL month to get started on whatever health and wellness goals that you put off, failed, or ignored over these past few months.

It’s no coincidence that we naturally correlate Labor Day as the end and beginning of a new time of the year. Just like the vegetation around us, our internal senses start to prepare our bodies for a whole new season.

We crave different foods.
Our energy changes.
We want to wear different clothes.
We start thinking about upcoming holidays.
And we get “re-focused” in work mode again.


The typical “fitness” magazine puts emphasis on two specific times of the year to get yourself in order: 1) New Years; and 2) the few months before Summer to get into bikini shape. What many people FAIL to realize is that, bad habits, sugar, stress, and lack of sleep are the primary contributors to their inabilities to meet their health and wellness goals. And if you haven’t put two and two together yet, the FALL SEASON is the perfect incubator for heavy-sugar holidays, over ambitious work modes, high expectations around goals at work (financial or performance), and the endless nights of sleep trying to wrap everything up before the NEW YEAR.

So – what’s the solution?

Don’t wait until New Years and the Summer to get motivated. Beat yourself to the punch by creating healthy habits now.

Here are 5 Ways to get Yourself Together


    Knock out 2 hours this-coming weekend to organize yourself. Whatever is piling up that you’ve been avoiding (home or work related) – needs your attention now.


    Take one element of your daily nutrition that you know is making you feel horrible, and reduce it. (Notice that I didn’t say remove it.) If you eat dessert every night, reduce it by half. If you know that you spend too much time in front of the computer in your bed, cut back the minutes. Don’t deprive – just reduce it for now.


    Take 10 minutes and ask yourself: “what are 3 things that I can simplify, take off of my to-do list, or delegate to someone else?” Stress and lack of sleep can be avoided by simplification.


    Get support in whatever areas that you have failed-in over the past 6 months. If your house is a mess, ask all those that MESS it up, to help CLEAN it up. If you can’t meet your fitness goals on your own, hire a trainer, or download a fitness app (this one’s our favorite). If you are struggling with business or finances, take a class.


    Write down whatever you are bombarded by that is coming up in the future. Create lists and milestones that will help you meet those obligations and deadlines well-ahead of the due date.

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