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Thank you so much to all of you that entered the Snap-to-Win: Share Your Story (Instagram Giveaway)!

We’ve read all of the stories, huddled with the team, and decided on our first-ever (but definitely not the last) contest winners. Although it was a “toughy” to pick the grand prize winner, we all agree that this winner is *SPECIAL* and her story has been moving and shaking a lot of folks these last few weeks. Like…to tears…moving and shaking.


On a mission to spread stories as a key motivator to living healthy and impacting others, we’ve compiled a list of prizes that we’ll be sending out very soon…to our winner. Just like everything else we’ve shared, these prizes have a story. Here’s why we are giving them away:


  1. Wake the Wolves | TshirtA WTW apparel t-shirt of your choice 

    There were times when the “healthy journey” was something that was private, hard to handle, and embarrassing at times. The hurdles, the f-ups, the mistakes. But one day, we started sharing the journey with others, and that’s when all of the magic happened,… and eventually the birth of Wake the Wolves™. Rocking a t-shirt proud, is a symbol of the journey that started quietly, lonely, and shamefully. And now it’s a world-wide statement that we are ‘moving and shaking’ together.

  2. Wake the Wolves | Food ContainersGlasslock food storage containers

    This is one of the most popular, kitchen tools we’ve ever used to make healthy eating successful, daily. Removing plastic and eliminating toxins have been crucial to keeping our bodies (and hormones) in check. With the amount of food prep going on in the kitchen, these glass containers will be a forever asset to your goals.

  3. WTW Flavor KitWake the Wolves | Flavor Kit

    Introducing key spices to your dishes will not only keep your tastebuds inspired, but help you to reduce the need for sodium-filled additions that usually cause you to puff up. We’ve got a few signature flavors that we’d like to share. Plus there are MANY health benefits too!

  4. CUSTOM EmBROIDERED GYM BAGWake the Wolves | Gym Bag

    When starting this healthy journey in the 2006, fancy gym bags with special compartments didn’t exist. And clean undies next to sopping wet pants, and soiled sneakers were a PAIN when throwing everything into a bag. We have a special custom, embroidered gym bag to mitigate risks of tarnishing your undies, while also keeping you totally motivated to hit the gym WITH style!

  5. iTUNES GIFT CARDWake the Wolves | iTunes Gift Card

    From music to eBooks, to apps, we’ve racked up a pretty bill over the years on fitness, health, and food education – thanks to Apple! While this isn’t a gift card to fund all of your digital habits, we’d like to cover a few dollars towards your next purchase.

2nd Place

Our second place winner will also receive a WTW t-shirt of their choice.


Our third place winner will receive a WTW poster of their choice.




A huge congratulations to our three winners! Come…meet them. They have inspired us, made us laugh, and are great people doing amazing things in their healthy journey.

Grand Prize Winner: Stasia
2nd Place:
3rd Place: Michelle

(um…fellas…where you at?)


Meet Stasia. She is this amazingly, positive, funny, real woman who is on this #fuckobesity journey to lose weight, cook healthy meals, move daily, and most importantly, motivate and inspire others by sharing her very transparent struggles and triumphs along the way. Starting last fall, only a few months ago, she’s already lost 72 pounds. Here’s the story she shared with us.

IMG_0812I know I have posted this pic earlier this week, but I really keep looking back to it and thinking “aahhhhhhhh….. This is my new life.” You see, I took this picture while having my birthday lunch with my family at Mission Beach in San Diego CA. This photo symbolizes so much for me. It was my birthday, I could have used that as an excuse to eat a burger and fries, and damnit! They looked good at this restaurant!! But I didn’t. I treated myself to an INCREDIBLE kale salad with ingredients that I had never tried before. If I had looked at this salad 6 months ago I would have thought it sounded disgusting. Something the folks over@wakethewolves have taught me is that I should try something 8 times before really deciding if I like it or not. Just try things that are not my norm. My norm got me to 500lbs. My new norm consists of healthy choices even when I had every reason to not make the healthy one. My new norm is filled with love and positivity with my family who I have gone years without seeing and having a broken relationship with. My new norm is laughter and heart warming stories of life and the future and positive thought with someone I couldn’t bare to speak to a year ago, someone who didn’t even call me on my birthday a year ago. My new norm is forgiveness. My new norm is not holding on to the past, letting go, and moving forward in all aspects of my life. This journey is not about weightloss. It’s about finding life. Learning to live in a healthy way in all areas#mindbodyandsoul My new norm is accepting that life is short and knowing that we don’t know when our last breath will be, so to make every moment a happy and positive one. My new norm is connecting with incredible people along this journey to remind me that I am not alone in this battle of mental and physical health. My new norm is ordering kick ass kale salad on the beach, with my feet up on a fire pit in the last part of winter. @wakethewolves @fit_change_hannah#kalealldayerrday #kale #soulfull #wakethewolves#igotthis #iamworthit #weightloss #naturalweightloss#countingcalories #portioncontrol #weightlossjourney#motivation #inspiration #onedayatatime —



Meet Alisha. She is a talented photographer, beach babe, traveler, fitness super hero, and a loving partner to one of our very own American soldiers. She is a fun-loving free spirit, bottle of sunshine!

IMG_0814@wakethewolves- This is a baby kale salad I make for boyfriend @kasprow1776 and I recently ate Valentine’s dinner at Po Pazzo in Little Italy, San Diego.. its became our trend yearly. We started with their baby kale and argula salad. My fav salad ever!!!! Mixed berries, sonoma goat cheese, pistachios, raspberry vinaigrette. Alex being in the military, we have a long distance relationship. I recreate this salad at home for a healthy boost to my diet and to remind me of special moments we have spent together while we are apart!! ♡ Please consider choosing me for your giveaway!!! Id love to rep and continue to share your blog with my other healthy liyestyle buds in your Hella Healthy top!! ♡♡ #kale #soulfull #wakethewolves#kalealldayerrday FOLLOW —-》@wakethewolves



Meet Michelle. She is a super driven, entrepreneur, business woman, talented chef, and event planning master, not to mention a super inspirational hiker, home cook, friend and daughter. She had us cracking up when she shared this story about one of her celebrity clients.

IMG_0813I am a film chef and sometimes I get ridiculous riders from directors or actors. in one instance I got one that said the director wanted his #kale salad massaged with olive oil and sea salt on site. I had to feed 150 other people so I definitely eyerolled after reading the list…I did a practice run at the kitchen and was pleasantly surprised that this made #kale taste awesome!! you never know when you will learn a useful technique. even under the guise of a detailed rider! #kale#soulfull,#wakethewolves#kalealldayerrday

If you are one of the winners listed above, we’ll be in touch with you shortly! If you did not win, hang tight…there’s more opps coming. Oh and if you are interested in participating in our next random giveaway contest, be sure to get on the newsletter list!

Kale. All Day. Err Day.

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