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Adesina Dowers | Wake the Wolves


And why is she on the team?
Adesina and I first met on a photo shoot back in 2012. I was art directing a 2-day shoot for a new, fitness studio (Studiomix) that a designer friend and I were branding. She was one of those super hot, fab fitness gurus on set. Energy just emulated from her soul. After a brief chat, I learned about her story…and I was hooked.

We’ve stayed in contact through Facebook since that day and was so excited to learn that she decided to branch away from her ventures as a teacher in other studios to open up her very own in Oakland, California (named Hot Spot Yo).Hot Spot Yo | Wake the Wolves

Isn’t that name fab? Here’s a bit about her story that got me hooked…

Adesina wasn’t always a yogi. In fact when “Addy” first walked into a Brooklyn Bikram Yoga studio, she had no idea what she was getting herself into!

After her first sweaty dance experience, yoga became a balancing element to her hectic professional life as an Entertainment Publicist in NYC. (Think big time record labels.) Knowing her true path would lead her far away from home, Addy decided to say a final adios to the NYC grind and moved out West in search of her true calling. It was in the East Bay that she became certified, and eventually led teacher training programs for CorePower Yoga.

Her outlook on life and journey is SO clearly apparent when you meet this fabulous gal in person. She’s just so…AMAZING! Can’t wait to organize a Wake the Wolves™ event and have her lead us through a few asanas (poses).

Adesina was recently named an ambassador to Lululemon Athletica and she’s known around the Bay for her big smile, infectious laugh, and teaching rocking, upbeat classes that challenge you, support you, and remind you not to take yourself too seriously. All of course, with a killer playlist!

If you are in the area (as a local or a tourist) be sure to catch her teaching at her Hot Spot Yo yoga studio, or even in this summer’s 2015 Wanderlust Squaw Valley!


What’s your name? 
Adesina Dowers

No, we mean the name that all your close folks call you?
Adesina. Well here’s the thing – my name is Adesina. It’s awesome, unique and I love it! It means one who opens the door for many other children!! How cool?! However, in life, sometimes it’s challenging for folks to remember all of that awesomeness at one time, so I often get an abbreviation. Most folks in Cali shorten it to Addy, back in Brooklyn I got lots of Addie.

So your a retired HOT Entertainment Publicist, turned into a HOT business owner and yoga guru. What’s that like?
Ha! Love all of that but I claim no guru status.  I’ll take HOT yoga teacher though! ;-) How does it feel? It feels amazing! I took a HUGE chance on myself and I’m loving every minute of this ride!

What else do you love? We obviously wear multiple passion hats over here at Wake the Wolves and hate the “you must live in one bucket” perspective on life, so tell us some of your other hidden passions/hobbies/obsessions?
Girl, I’m a lover. I love pretty much every minute of every day. Life is short. I’m happy to be here. Dancing on the beach, dancing in my kitchen, dancing in Roxy (my car, she’s red). I guess dancing everywhere, listening to music on the radio on vinyl, in my head!  Hidden passions? There aren’t any. I wear it all out loud and pretty proud. If I love it, you’ll hear all about it!

What fuels you on the daily? What gives you the juice to wake up and do the “damn thang” every day? Any foods? Particular daily rituals?
Every day I wake up is another chance to do the damn thing faster, better, wiser and with more love and compassion, and to me, that’s pretty awesome. I’m a very passionate person. Waking up to the mere possibility of new experiences gets me pumped! What fuels me? Water, coffee, fresh fruits and veggies (Berkeley Bowl is a temple to me) and whatever protein my body asks for. Some days its a bloody steak, some days it comes from the sea.

Hmmm daily rituals? 
As a business owner every day is SO different. Lots of hat wearing on top of this afro of mine.  I can say that I open up the studio every day, put the heat and turn on some music for my morning dance party! It’s just one or 2 songs then I get to work. I also try to get in a handstand practice everyday. Even if it’s just a 5 minute reward after an hour on the computer!

Top 3 favorite restaurants/cafes (anywhere in the World). Go!

  1. Cafe Euphemia (in Tulum) – I just got back from a yoga retreat there and It’s just about the best place ever. It’s a beachfront restaurant so you can chose to watch the waves with your feet in the sand or sit closer to the bar and listen to great music! I’m a simple woman. Tacos, mezcal, amazing music and friendly faces = a great night for me!
  2. Sammys Roumanian Steakhouse (in East Village NYC) – big steaks, bottles of vodka encased in ice and dancing. Oh the dancing! ​
  3. The little cafe outside of the Hammam (at the Mosque De Paris). The tea tastes like ambrosia after sweating it all out and getting scrubbed raw!

We are all perfectly imperfect, so can you reveal to us any challenges/struggles you have in living healthy (especially while running a business)? I mean, I’m sure we can relate.
Ha!!! Indeed! There are struggles as a woman, a business owner, a human, …and I could go on. Yeah, sometimes my only practice for the day is a handstand play amidst hours and hours on the computer and the phone. Creating movement in my day is difficult — even as a yoga instructor and studio owner. It humbles me. I can relate to my students so much better.

Eating is also big challenge. Sometimes I make it into the afternoon without a meal. Those are days when I have to remind myself I need to slow down. If I’m too exhausted to cook after work, I’ll call up Lanesplitters – with no shame!! (By the way, Lanesplitters is a local pizza spot in my hood).

I am really kind about caring for my body and spirit. I give myself a ton of space for imperfection and just choose to examine it with wild wonder. That’s how I keep myself from going to batshit crazy. I just laugh it off one way or another. Running a business is a marathon.

I always make sure to find a way to blow off steam before my head hits the pillow. Sometimes its a dance, sometimes it’s a drink, or a date. I find it’s easier to go hard all day when I can unload a little at night. Cleanse the palate if you will.

What’d you eat for breakfast today?
Coffee, Coconut water. :-( But for lunch I had a beautiful grain salad with green beans, avocado, walnuts and cabbage! One of my girlfriends, Jennifer, brought me a lunch care package – enough grain salad for the week! That girl is an angel! I am constantly reminded how beautiful (and helpful it is) to create a community. We can’t do “this” alone.

Music is AWESOME, right? Ok so any thing on replay that your dying to share?
My short list right now is: 1) Foxy Brown (“Hot Spot”) – it’s the first song I play in the morning for obvi reasons); 2) some uptown funk; 3) I shake it off with some Taylor Swift (she’s a friggin prophet); 4) Terry Callier’s “Ordinary Joe”; and 5) Prince….lots of Prince!

Wrapping it up. If you had a chance to school a younger Adesina on living healthy, what 3 tips would you give her?
Thats a hard one. My initial thought is to tell her nothing because I love my life! That trail of tears got me to where I am right now and it’s such a good place. But let me go along for the ride and see what I’d tell her…

  1. Buy More Diane Von Furstenberg! I discovered DVF in my early twenties and would regularly hit her sample sales. I can still wear that stuff now. I’ve only got 2 pieces left. Wish I had more. She’s a classic.
  2. Don’t quit studying French and start Italian! I double majored in Spanish and Psychology at Vassar and gave up French and any attempt to start Italian after my freshman year. I’d like to speak more languages.
  3. That dude ain’t that cute or that worth it. Nuff said, right?

xo thank you for inviting me into your super cool world! Looking forward to loads more.

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