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Wake the Wolves | Spring Back

Yoddle. It’s Spring. DANG! And you might be feeling different. Get ready because we’ll break down a few helpful SPRING strategies to have you poppin’ like new sprouts after the rain. Finding your motivation is key to breaking that funk.

I’m so ready for change.

If you are craving new foods, or maybe feeling like you are ready for change, it’s no surprise. A change of seasons can impact your internal chemistry (and motivation), and since you are a product of mother nature, you too work in cycles and seasons.

Let’s play a guessing game, you probably are experiencing some of these:

  • Craving more fresh foods.
  • Itching to clean, reorg, or purge crap.
  • Ready for a new hair-do or gear.
  • Desire to move furniture around.
  • Planning a trip (or want to plan a trip).
  • Experiencing a strong pull to be outside.
  • Reflecting on career (and if you should make a shift).
  • Finally over your excuses and ready to get your FITness on!

The Ultimate Guide: YOU

Yes, you are the tour guide, the sensei master, the teacher and professor of your own path to feeling AMAZING this Spring. Take the quiz below to sort out where exactly we should start. You are the catalyst for sustainable motivation!

Wake the Wolves | Spring Back




WE all have to eat every day. And there’s too many food choices and chances to go wrong (or right) in 24 hours. If FOOD is your struggle, let’s start by cleaning up your diet and remove the enemies. Your best and most dependable cheerleader can be yourself, IF you allow her/him to be.

Stop enabling poor choices by keeping poor options (aka – trigger foods) in your environment. Remember, your home, car, workplace, are YOUR SAFE PLACES (and where you probably spend the majority of your time). Did you know that you’re more likely to actually eat food that’s ready and in front of your face? So, pause. What’s ready? And What’s in front of your face? Are there bags of kale, unwashed in produce bags in your fridge? Or did you take 10 minutes to wash the sucker, chop it up and make it into a grab-n-go salad? (SIDE NOTE: unwashed kale in my fridge = no bueno for me.) Or, do you have sweet/salty snacks in your cupboard, that fall out into your mouth every time you open it? Seriously. What’s in your face?

DO THIS Challenge:

“Before I go to bed tonight, I am going to remove all of my trigger foods that keep me from feeling awesome. Like literally hunt, gather, and purge it in the trash-ola. And if I have an issue throwing it away, I’m going to pack it up and share it with folks at work (or somewhere else) because every time I eat them, I feel like sh*t afterwards, and I’m SO done having food trap me like that.” 


Wake the Wolves | Spring Back


Frick. Moving can be so hard, especially after winter hibernation season. (Totally imagining the bear in the hole right now from Kindergarten books.) If you’re stuck in the FITNESS area, you have to BREAK YOUR PLATEAU (and everybody’s plateau is different). So let’s start by doing something that will calm your stress hormones and take you down new paths. Did you know that by simply taking a NEW or DIFFERENT path when you are traveling to/fro, you can help increase your chances of feeling more energized, happy, or free?  

DO THIS Challenge:

“In the next 2 days, I’m going to go outside (solo or not) and walk for one hour (rain or shine) and focus on squeezing my butt cheeks every step of the way. I’m going to squeeze my butt cheeks (and not care what people think) because it’s going to happily distract me from all negative (or positive) non-present thoughts. In addition, I know it will help me to activate one of the largest muscle groups in my body and burn more! Seriously though, I’m going to freakin in joy this. It will be like a walking, meditative practice: step, squeeze, step, squeeze, step squeeze.”


Wake the Wolves | Spring Back


Relationships. Career. Sleep. Spirituality. Kids. Pick one and only one. Your everyday lifestyle includes so many components that make you, you! The tricky part, is the hamster wheel that runs in your brain and keeps you from being present, happy, thoughtful, joyful, and at peace. You have to STOP the hamster wheel, otherwise she’ll exhaust you to where you go paralyzed (aka – do nothing). And that equals NO results. Now, let’s focus on getting thoughts out of your physical body, so you can take action.

DO THIS Challenge:

“I am going to take a piece of paper right now and write freely for 3 minutes on everything I think is f*ed up about one area of my life. I know I will read these words and say ‘pshh…I’m not taking out a piece of paper,’ but then another voice inside of you will say: ‘stop being a brat and just do it.’ After 3 minutes of writing, I’m going to write 3 (only 3) bullets on what I think the first steps are to breaking down my barriers. I’m going to resist this challenge, but I’m going to do it, because it might actually do me good. While I normally ignore or Google how-to deal with these things, my inner wisdom and intuition will direct me in the first step to handling this aspect of my life. I can do this.”


Boom. So, if you’re like us (and many human beings), you’ll read this and think about taking action, and then maybe bookmark it for later. STOP BOOKMARKING sh*t. Thinking, wondering, procrastinating, hoping, dreaming, and wishing IS NOT what is going to actually get you from point Z to point A-mazing. It’s all in the action baby.

Go. Be a DOER!

Happy Spring to you…our fly wolf pack.

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