“I GET BLOATED” – talking creativity, traveling, and belly bloat with Anwar

Wake the Wolves | Anwar Bey Taylor

Every so often we pull fly, hungry, beautiful people along organic, unplanned “WALK n’ TALKS” to pick their brains about life and health (and everything in between). It’s this coined urban walk thing we do to catch up with folks we admire and appreciate. Finally, we brought the camera along to capture our miles with our talented friend, Anwar Bey-Taylor as we stepped foot in Chinatown, SF (during Lunar New Year celebrations). What you are about to hear will make you feel normal, and quite possibly inspire you to do something different this week, month, or year.

Wake the Wolves | Anwar Bey Taylor

Meet Anwar.

He is one of the most positive, open-minded, creative, real, upside down (that’s a good thing), uplifting beings we’ve met in our journey called “life.” He’s the Creative Director and character artist for his studio, Mind Traveler Design, where they specialize in entertainment and development for video games and films. Um. Quite badass if you ask us. I mean, how often do you watch movies or play video games and meet the folks that invent and create these characters?

To give you an idea about how this guy thinks, read a recent Facebook status update he posted. This is the lens he wears daily:

The first step to getting something done is simply starting. Even if you’re lacking clear vision of how you will finish, just start doing something. Once started just keep working on it, the rest will take care of itself. Before you know it, it will be done and your mind will have rather seamlessly moved onto the next “impossible” idea while having completely forgotten about the original or how unbelievably hard it once was.

Anything is possible. Everthing can & will be done. Since this is all true you might as well seek to create the most out of this world goals you can possibly imagine … Because everything else is simple.

2015 mantra. Fin

-Anwar Bey-Taylor (April 9, 2015)

We swear and stand by the philosophy that WHO you surround yourself with, will make an impact on your output and outcomes. Soak up a dose of Anwar on the daily and you’ll be invigorated to take your life back.


Anwar: Where we going?
Steph: Oh…um. Let’s park the car in one of these side streets. Maybe walk in Chinatown since it’s New Years. I’m feeling pulled in that direction. Cool?

We started our walk in Chinatown, in the peak of Lunar New Year (aka Chinese New Year celebrations). The energy in the air was vibrant and peaceful. First stop: Golden Gate Bakery, home of the best don tots (Chinese Egg Custard) you will ever eat. And no, it might not be the healthiest, but it sure is the finest.

The journey begins with open-mindedness and impromptu discoveries, the kind that you’d experience in far off countries if you were to travel.

Wake the Wolves | Anwar Bey Taylor


Here are 5 things we learned from Anwar in our 2 hour walk through Chinatown and North Beach:

  1. Travel to Thailand.

    Anwar recently got back from an impromptu trip to Thailand and spoke nothing but amazingness. Beauty, good food, FREEDOM, and generous people were what he “drank” from his experience. He talked about it being an adventure and a totally foreign feeling. He leaped in and went for it. I’m sure he’d go back. And he’s convinced us to add that to an immediate “bucket list.”

  2. Clean the house for total clarity.

    At times, Anwar admittedly struggles with “focus” – something we all need when pursuing a life of creativity, self employment, and making large dents in this world. He talked about how anxious he was coming back into town and having his home be a mess. Cleaning and organizing has helped him reduce some anxiety.

  3. Yes, grown ass men say: “I’m bloated” too!

    I’m a former nutrition and fitness coach, so friends that know that, often feel compelled to tell (or ask) me things they wouldn’t normally talk about otherwise. After coming back from travels and diving into the stresses of life, the topic of feeling like “shit” came up. When he said: “I’ve been bloated,” I pinched Graham and said: “YES! See…more of you fly guys need to say this outloud and talk about it.” We went over a few quick and easy remedies, laughed, and moved on. It inspires us to hear this. Not because we want you bloated, but because THIS is the exact kind of human, random, realness that deserves a safe-home to be discussed without it getting too Dr. Oz.

  4. Dream and wonder.

    On a climb towards Coit Tower lookout, we stood on the edge of the bench, looking over the Golden Gate Bridge to the other side of the water. He asked us: “Do you think that one day, that folks like us would be able to build houses over there?” We stood and day dreamed about living and communing with friends, having creative getaways, and “success” within “oppression.” It’s always great to dream and wonder. The mind is a powerful thing.

  5. Try NEW things with NEW people.

    We started an unplanned walk at 3:30pm on a Friday, taking Anwar to one of the best egg custard places in town, Golden Gate Bakery, (thanks to our friends Maria and Gabe, co-founders of our fave fitness app, Workout Trainer). He never had them before, and we’ve never tried this spot. It was a win-win all around. And to be totally honest, I was worried that our African American brotha was just trying to “be nice” and eat our Chinese traditional food. Safe to say, I think he enjoyed it more than I did. So much that we had to stop on the way back to get some to go.

Wake the Wolves | Anwar Bey Taylor
Wake the Wolves | Anwar Bey Taylor

Wake the Wolves | Anwar Bey Taylor
Wake the Wolves | Anwar Bey Taylor
Wake the Wolves | Anwar Bey Taylor
Wake the Wolves | Anwar Bey Taylor
Wake the Wolves | Anwar Bey Taylor


Anwar proudly wears our “I Stay Woke” t-shirt. He’s a leader in positive thinking, creativity, and going after life with vigor and energy. On the fluke, he’s inspired us to write more and dive deeper into the topic of STRESS and BELLY BLOAT – thinking it might be something you all want to understand a bit clearer.

Are you stressed and bloated? If so, read this post.
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(more “WALK n TALK” stories to come)

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