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Lemon Ice Tea | Wake the Wolves

Hydrating and cleansing the body throughout the day by flushing it with water, is so important for: 1) maintaining healthy weight; 2) brain function; 3) reducing cravings; and 4) keeping your skin and other organs functioning at their optimal levels. The bigger issue is: what do you do when bored with water?

If you’ve been following our Instagram and Facebook posts, you may have seen a few pick-me-up photos all about the benefits of hydrating with lemon water. On a trip to the kitchen, we decided to pour our ol’ room temp tea into our lemon water, and BAM — we have our new favorite drink: Easy Lemon Ice Tea!

There’s really not much to it, besides lemon + water + leftover tea + ice. The benefits are wonderful. Green tea is a great antioxidant, lemon is cleansing and balances all of the acidity in the body, and water (of course) is hydrating.

Enjoy! And if you are a coffee lover (like most folks we know), then check out this Damn Good Ice Coffee recipe. Even if you’re not the biggest coffee fan (like me), you may surely enjoy this “adult-only” frozen treat!

R.I.P. to Guru from Gang Starr and his lyrics “Lemonade was a popular drink and it still is” in his 1994 joint “DWYCK.” Listen to it here:

Lemon Ice Tea | Wake the Wolves
Lemon Ice Tea | Wake the Wolves
Lemon Ice Tea | Wake the Wolves
Lemon Ice Tea | Wake the Wolves
Lemon Ice Tea | Wake the Wolves
Lemon Ice Tea | Wake the Wolves


1 cup green tea, cooled
2 cups water
1 cup ice
Juice from 1 lemon

  1. Squeeze lemon juice in a large glass.
  2. Add water, tea, and ice.
  3. Enjoy!

Serves 1 fat glass!

For all you coffee lovers, here’s a Damn Good Ice Coffee recipe.

Damn Good Ice Coffee Recipe | Wake the Wolves






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