Damn Good Ice Coffee Recipe – a healthy frappucino makeover

Damn Good Ice Coffee Recipe | Wake the Wolves

Any coffee lovers out there? Sad to say, coffee has never been “my thing” – mostly because the caffeine high is so intense it makes my heart jump outside of my body and onto the floor. Ice coffee though – less concentrated, sweet, creamy, slushy, with a wonderful under-base of dark chocolate? Hell yeah! You know, like the Frappucinos from Starbucks, but with way cleaner ingredients.


One of the most challenging and annoying aspects of this healthy journey thing, is living in a world where decadence is at our fingertips ALL THE TIME. But it’s not just decadence. It’s decadence with FILLERS and an overwhelming amount of sugar, which has scientifically been proven to change our biomechanics (aka – how we function). The real disappointer, is that these sugar and filler ingredients are strategically added to keep us addicted and emptying our pockets to make larger companies richer. Who suffers? Will the 10-minutes of sweet satisfaction do you (or them) more justice in the long run? Makes ya think twice about that $4.50 treat.

It’s not all bad news

While many of these processed, store-bought, pre-made foods are bad for us, we’re not going to hate. Some of the flavors are really good. Like the classic Starbucks Frappucino for example.

As your healthy journey evolves, your tastebuds will evolve, but the nostalgic memories of eating certain foods may linger. Harness that inner “feel good memory,” and try breaking down the ingredients. What flavors can you remember? What were the textures like? And if you could take a wild guess, would you be able to put together a list of what you think makes up your favorite treat?

We can get inspired by our favorite junk food, and “healthify” them using real, whole ingredients. Watch out, you just may prefer your version over the store-bought kinds and NEVER turn back.


Inspired to share an afternoon, pick-me-up drink, check out this Damn Good Ice Coffee drink. It’s similar to the Starbucks version, but with WAY BETTER ingredients.

  • we used coffee
  • swapped regular milk for a dairy-free alternative (homemade)
  • kicked refined sugar to the curb and replaced it with dates (still sugar, but less processed plus it has fiber)

Here’s the basic formula for the famous frap: 

  • coffee (of course)
  • milk
  • chocolate (usually in the form of sweet syrup)
  • ice
  • whipped cream (and lots of it)
  • and the optional flavor enhancers (toasted coconut, caramel, matcha green tea)

Healthy Makeover

Before you make this yummy drink, here are some tips:

  • Cold coffee works best. So if you can pre-meditate your desire to make this, do try brewing extra coffee and cooling it down in the fridge. It’s not totally necessary, but it does keep the end result much colder.
  • Homemade almond milk is a wonderful swap for regular milk.
  • Plain cocoa powder (not the hot cocoa kind, but the baking kind) is perfect for the extra chocolate kick. No need to make a syrup or add the sweet because the next ingredient will cover that.
  • Use medjool dates instead of syrup. Dates are a fruit with a narrow seed in the middle. They grow from date palm trees and are traditionally found in Africa and the Middle East. They are extremely sweet and are still a form of sugar, so use sparingly (like we’ll show you). (NOTE: We didn’t always cook with dates. It wasn’t in our repertoire until a few years ago. So our continued advice is: don’t fear new foods, embrace them.)

Enjoy this damn good ice coffee!

Damn Good Ice Coffee Recipe | Wake the Wolves
Damn Good Ice Coffee Recipe | Wake the Wolves
Damn Good Ice Coffee Recipe | Wake the Wolves
Damn Good Ice Coffee Recipe | Wake the Wolves
Damn Good Ice Coffee Recipe | Wake the Wolves
Damn Good Ice Coffee Recipe | Wake the Wolves
Damn Good Ice Coffee Recipe | Wake the Wolves
Damn Good Ice Coffee Recipe | Wake the Wolves
Damn Good Ice Coffee Recipe | Wake the Wolves


2 cups coffee, cooled
5-6 medjool dates, pitted
¾ cup milk of your choice (we like homemade almond milk)
2 tablespoons cocoa powder (optional and it’s not hot cocoa mix)
4 cups ice


Blend everything together.
Serve right away.

Serves 4

NOTE: Experiment with flavors and ingredients. We’re sure you could make a matcha green tea version or even a toasted coconut version like they have at Starbucks, but just 10x cleaner!

Enjoy tea?
For all you tea lovers, here’s an Easy Lemon Ice Tea.

Lemon Ice Tea | Wake the Wolves





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Written By


Stephanie Wong

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  • Beans

    I am absolutely loving this website/community! I was directed here (and have been here ever since) when I looked up ‘non-dairy milks’…that was 2 hours ago! I feel inspired by the team, but especially you, Steph! I will be trying this iced coffee today and am especially looking forward to tasting the dates in this as they are uncharted territory for me! Love and good vibes from across the water, G x

    • http://wakethewolves.com/ Wake the Wolves

      Loved reading this and SO HAPPY you found us. (This is Steph btw). Keep at it, this journey is FO-EVA, but it can be fun too. I think the biggest lesson I’ve learned about it all, is that WE ARE NEVER ALONE.

      So excited for you to try the Frap Makeover. I didn’t grow up eating dates either, so it was a ‘new’ kind of purchase for me a few years back. I keep a stash in my freezer and use them for different things, but mostly Fraps especially when friends come over and want to make something refreshing for them! Let us know how it goes and if you are on INSTA, post the pic so we can see!!!! @wakethewolves #hellahealthy

      HAVE A FAB DAY!!!
      steph + the whole Wake the Wolves team

      • Beans

        Nice to hear back from you, such a nice touch to be able to communicate with the people whom write what we read !
        Sooo, I did make the iced coffee with dates…and it blew my socks off…and my fiancée’s and brother’s too! Will be a firm fav this summer and might incorporate a shot of whiskey to zjhoosh it up at bbq parties!? I don’t have INSTA (*thinks maybe I should get it….*) but I do have Twitter so will post a photo next time for sure!
        Stay great and full of goodness!

        • http://wakethewolves.com/ Wake the Wolves

          So dope! Crazy how simple ingredients can do the trick. DIG the shot of whiskey idea. Impress the hell out of all your folks! Yes, do share on Twitttttaaa!

          Thanks again for messaging us! We appreciate it 🙂