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Everyone needs a few healthy brunch recipes in their back pocket. You either have a Hallmark Holiday coming up (Mother’s Day), a religious celebration, or maybe just a lazy weekend bug. Take a look through some of our favorites — then start experimenting!

Oh and before you begin, brunch favorites almost always include eggs, but buying eggs can be confusing. Cooking eggs can be a challenge (except for scrambles). Enjoy a few “how-to” guides to get you going.


Here’s a blog post of a few favorites that might help clear the “what am I going to make” question that often surfaces last minute. Remember, you are not here to please, but rather to experiment, enjoy, and have fun ;). Check out these five insightful posts. You might be curious to give it a whirl…


Oh and…ask for help in the kitchen…so you can actually enjoy brunch too!

1) How to Shop for Eggs – organic? cage free? free range? brown vs. white?

How to Shop for Eggs | Wake the Wolves

2) How to Make a Sunny Side Up Egg (like a pro)

How to Make Sunny Side Up Eggs

3) Crispy Millet Hash

Crispy Millet Hash Browns with Sunny-Side Eggs

4. Fluffy Almond Millet Waffles

Fluffy Almond-Millet Waffles (Gluten-Free)

5) Easy Baked Pancakes

Easy Baked Pancakes | Wake the Wolves

ps – the Egg MacDaddy Muffins in the “Kale. All Day. Err Day.” book are pretty dang good (and super easy). We like easy!


Kale. All Day. Err Day.

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Kale. All Day. Err Day. | Wake the Wolves


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