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Superfoods Superheroes | Wake the Wolves

Aloha fabulous people.

We are in the thick of summer and so many exciting things are happening. If you’ve been following us closely, then you may have wondered about our infrequent newsletters, slower than usual responses to emails, and sparse social media posts.

Those are all good signs that we’ve either:

  1. disappeared; or
  2. have transformed into little elves working on amazing secrets for amazing people

Not to worry. It’s the later, PLUS some.

Hot. New. Stuff.

Our team is FINALLY ready to announce some hot, new #hellahealthy goods we’ve been working on for the last few months. Ahhhh….are you ready?

Superfoods Superheroes | Wake the Wolves

As you know, we launched in January 2015, with our first book in the series, “Kale. All Day. Err Day.” — to start building a foundation for healthy eating. The journey begins with adult, but kid-friendly illustrations and rhymes about the resistance to eat healthy foods (particularly dark, green things), and then learning that with trial and error (and a whole lot of mistakes), leafy greens like kale, aren’t that bad…if you know how to use them.

In fact, they can be the key building blocks to:

  1. increasing your vitamin and nutrient intake;
  2. an easy way to keep your BMs (bowel movements) on the regular;
  3. fighting long term disease statistics; and
  4. managing (or losing) weight naturally

Kale All Day | Wake the Wolves

SIDE NOTE: You’ve read the book right? If you haven’t, download it. It’s still FREE because we decided to let it run through the summer until we actually announce the next book. Grab it here now!

Now where to next?

After hundreds of you took the Health Challenge Quiz a few months ago (thank you btw), it’s clear as day, that you can identify your “how do I live healthy” obstacles, as well as your interests.

In other words:

  • You can identify where you FAIL (with the right guided questions)
  • You can identify what you are CURIOUS about when it comes to healthy eating (and living)
  • And you can identify WHO is on this healthy journey with you (or not)

But what’s clearly missing (and what you’ve requested) is simple, easy guidance to actually achieving your health goals – from kitchen ideas, to step-by-step programs. While we have some pretty cool (and life changing) experiences coming down the pipeline later this year, you’ve shouted LOUD AND CLEAR that you are interested in…(wait for it)…SUPERFOODS, and how you can use them in your own kitchen!

We are all about nipping obstacles in the butt and exploring healthy adventures – in a light, fun, visual, not-so-conventional kind of way. With superfoods being a “big thing” these days, we wanted to make sure we elevate the food, as much as the cultures that surround these foods.

So our next book is…

“Superfoods. Superheroes.” We are soooo excited for this one because we’ve done a ton of research, asked a ton of questions, and have put together something delightful and helpful in one sweet book. Sit tight, because it’s coming. Our goal is to deliver this soon after the company shuts down for vacation for a few weeks this August.

Superfoods Superheroes | Wake the Wolves


SIDE NOTE: Yes, we believe in vacation. In fact, many of our most successful brainstorm moments have come during the rest and relaxation of vacations to far-off, wild places. It was where Wake the Wolves was invented, long before you knew about it. While we didn’t always think like this, if there’s one thing you get from this one particular blog post: TAKE A VACATION (and no it doesn’t have to be expensive.

So, look forward to a NEW book early this Fall 2015.

While we can’t reveal the entire insides of the book just yet,  we can say that we are going to break down barriers, educate, titillate your senses, and leave you feeling EMPOWERED to do something different with your food. Sit tight. You won’t want to miss this.

Follow us on Instagram for more.

And for our apparel line…

While you guys keep eating up our signature Hella Healthy® shirts like ice cream on a hot summer day, we have some NEW goods for you to play with.

Wake the Wolves | Hella Healthy

First — NEW CUTS! 

We custom design our clothing patterns right here in San Francisco, because we couldn’t find the perfect tee for all of our life needs:

  • stylish work/office appropriate
  • loose and sweaty workout session suitable
  • comfy (and fly) for weekend outings
  • tailored enough to dress-it-up for hot, casual dates
  • made without supporting child labor or sweat shops

We’ve added two new cuts to the mix.

  1. Our cinch muscle tank – Wear it long or short (or even tucked in to high-waist jeans). Oh and finally, it’s a muscle tank with a classier cut around the neck to show off your fabulous collar bones, without feeling like you’re being choked.
  2. Our racer back tank – Wear it to your next workout session or with some jeans. It is designed with a flattering, narrow, neckline, curved hems, and a slimming torso that won’t be uncomfortable when you raise your hands above your head for a stretch. Hey!

Wake the Wolves | Hella Healthy Tshirt Apparel
Wake the Wolves | Hella Healthy Tshirt Apparel
Wake the Wolves | Hella Healthy Tshirt Apparel
Wake the Wolves | Hella Healthy Tshirt Apparel



Our SUPERFOOD Collection is for all of you that are IN LOVE with some of our favorite superfoods (or soon to fall in love after you read the new book).

While most of them are only for women, we did spread the “I NEED A KOMBUCHA” design over to the MEN’s side for all you kombucha fans.

Also, we’ve finally released a WOLF! Ya’ll have been asking us for more Wake the Wolves® goods, so we are adding to our signature CONSCIOUS Collection.

When we launched, our vision has always been this:

  • elevate health and wellness straight into the fingertips of a diverse people
  • pair educational materials with our apparel line
  • have fun
  • deliver top quality
  • produce goods locally and pay our sewing team for their hard work

We are blessed beyond belief with the support that you’ve shared to rock our goods during the first half of 2015. We are so excited that we can continue to deliver more.

Wake the Wolves | Chia Boy
Wake the Wolves | You Maca Me Crazy
Wake the Wolves | Acai You Boo
Wake the Wolves | To All My
Wake the Wolves | Woke Wolf
Wake the Wolves | Hella Healthy
Wake the Wolves | I Stay Woke

NOTE: Goods are very limited, so get them while you can. We literally are learning about how to keep up with all of you fab, global shoppers!


Over the next few months, we’re going to share amazing stories about our models and their journey. All of the beautiful people you see above and in our shop, are folks that have stepped out to make a difference in their lives and others.

We are sending a HUGE shout out and thank you for their time and can’t wait to share their stories on the blog.

Thank you and blessings to:

Chef and Owners

Maxine Siu and Joel Bleskacek
Plow Restaurant

Business Owner & Community Yogi Leader

Adesina Howard
Hot Spot Yoga

Health and Wellness Director

Angelica Minerva
U.S. Federal Office Gym Studio

Community Activist Leader and DJ

Stephen Goldstone (DJ Sake Onederful), Q102.1 FM

Entrepreneur and Founder

Rachel Frey

Photographer & Artist

Glara Jiyan Zandi

Wake the Wolves | Hella Healthy

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