What are your TOP HEALTH CHALLENGES? (take this quiz)

Wake the Wolves | Health Challenge Quiz

Today we celebrate! It’s officially our “5 MONTH MARK” since we launched Wake the Wolves. We have some pretty exciting things around the corner (NEW books, more t-shirt designs, and our FIRST live pop-up event in San Francisco). Woohoo! Stay tuned.

Your time is precious (we know) – so hear us out!

Can you take five, brief minutes to fill out this “Health Challenges” quiz? This will help us make better BOOKS, better posts, and even help inform some lively things we have planned for 2015.

We’ve been flooded with the positive feedback that’s come our way thus far! You guys have NO IDEA how helpful it is to really interact with you about your health challenges, motivation, and successes. This specific quiz is designed to help us help you. We’re a team of REAL PEOPLE, here to make this healthy journey, lively, fun, and also really, really doable.

[fist pump here] #youcandoit!

Ok have a fab Friday. No special recipes or food tips this week. We’ve been swamped working on the first pop-up. More on that soon.

Oh and btw, when you answer some of these questions, you might actually learn something about yourself!  (Scary, but really helpful to see these questions in front of you.)

Have fun with it.

(and yes, you can do this on your phone)
This questionnaire will expire, so fill it out before you forget 🙂


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